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Three Most Popular Types Of Research Paper Formats

Research papers are usually the bane of any student’s existence. The frequency with which students are required to compose research essays during their time at college and high school can be staggering. As such, students can develop some resentment towards the concept. I mean, if you are regularly given a task in which you are required to write 5000 words, who wouldn’t! However, there are some more popular research essay formats that professors and teachers tend to choose to set to their students. As such, it is best to know these research paper methods section so that you do not need to look them up every time you receive a research writing task!


Before we get on to the research paper methods, it is best to look at the outline of your work, and how it should look like. You can use this outline to then write your plan for your paper. The outline is as follows:

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  • Cover Page
  • Abstract: The abstract should provide a very small summary of what your paper is about. Aim to write around 200 words for the abstract, anything more is too detailed.
  • Introduction: The introduction is your place to write out what your aims and objectives of the paper are. The introduction should also be used to tell the reader what you will talk about in your work. The introduction can also be used as a place to conduct your literature review.
  • Main Body: The main body is where you will present your research and your analysis of it through sources.
  • Conclusion: The conclusion should asses whether or not the aims and objectives you outlined in the introduction have been met, as well as write a summarization of your research.

Now that you know the general outline of a research paper, we can discuss some of the most popular types of research paper methods.

Argumentative Papers

Argumentative papers focus on presenting two sides of an argument, backed with sources for both sides of the coin. The tricky part of writing such papers is that the writer is expected to lean slightly towards one point of view without coming across as biased or having an agenda to get across. It is due to this that many students do not perform well when crafting an argumentative paper.

Analytical Papers

Analytical papers are quite similar to term papers, so that is expected to present several viewpoints pertaining to a topic. Then the writer is tasked with analyzing these viewpoints, explaining the methodology and the results of the research they are analyzing. The different, however, between an analytical and argumentative paper is that the writer does not voice their opinion regarding the sources they are analyzing.

Definition Papers

The third most common type of paper is a definition paper. These papers task the writer to write about a concept and to describe it without any analysis or their own input.

Now that you know about the three most common types of research paper formats, you will be able to write research papers to a high standard.


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