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Reading articles and books on different subjects will broaden your outlook, so you'll always be ready to compose an excellent paper on any topic or even get an editing job.

Different Types Of Research Paper Outlines

There are various types of research paper outlines, depending on the type of paper you are composing. In some papers, there are certain outlines that are not included in others. For this reason, it is best to go through some of the more popular types of outlines that you can use to plan your essay.


It is essential to plan for any essay you undertake. Planning is a crucial step in producing a top quality paper that will be graded highly by your teacher or professor. The reason for this is that the plan can act as a point of reference for you while you are actually writing your work. As such, if you find yourself in a bit of trouble, you can easily refer back to your plan and see what you are supposed to write.

Another big advantage of having a plan is the fact that you do not need to keep all your ideas memorized in your head. A lot of the time, students have brilliant ideas in mind, but when it comes time to writing their essay, they have long forgotten about their idea. With a plan, you no longer need to deal with this large problem that is faced by many students, as you have it all written down.

An outline is thus important, since an outline allows you to better plan your paper. The best way to do this is to create separate sections, and then write what you aim to put for each section, along with the sources you will analyze.

General Outline

Below are general research paper outlines examples that cover the general basis for all research papers:

  • Introduction: the introduction is a brief explanation as to why you are writing this paper, what your aims and objectives are and to provide some background context on your topic.
  • Main Body: The main body is where you will perform your analysis on the sources you want to put in your paper.
  • Conclusion: The conclusion provides a brief summing up of your key points and you have to see whether or not the aims and objectives cited in the introduction have been met.

Alternate Outlines

That was the general outline, however, it is not the case for every type of research paper. For example, research paper outlines mla are different, and as follows:

  • Title Page: This has your title, name, University/high School, teacher and the subject for which your paper is being submitted to.
  • Abstract: An abstract consists of a brief description of what you are writing about. Ideally, the abstract should be 200-250 words, as it is not supposed to be detailed.
  • Introduction: The introduction should be just as it is above.
  • Methodology: The methodology analyzes the methods you will employ during the course of your research.
  • Results and discussion: This section deals with analyzing the results you have achieved.
  • Conclusion: The conclusion should as it is in the general outline. Alternatively, you can use the services of professional writing services, but make sure to read the reviews first in order to avoid low-quality services like this website.

Hopefully, after reading our guide, you are able to write a research paper of high quality.


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